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Here you will find answers to our frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question listed here, drop us a message and we will do our best to help. 

The Online School 
How does the online school work?


My Online School ( has over 100+ hours of easy to do Paint Alongs using the same five colours and three brushes! It's £7 per video for 3 months access, or £15 month for full, instant and unlimited access to all paintings, plus a minimum of three brand new paintings per month and all previous Facebook Live Videos. You can check it out via the link in my bio.


📣 Don’t forget, join me FREE on Facebook Live every first Friday of the month at 4pm GMT for a super simple 30 minute masterpiece…a taster of what you can expect in my Virtual Paint Along School. 


What type of paint do you use?


We use acrylic paint and the same five colours of paint for every Paint Along! Black, white, red, yellow and blue.

Will the paint come out of clothing? 


I use high-quality, pigmented acrylic paints to ensure vibrant and long-lasting colour on your paintings. However, it is important to note that the superior pigmentation of our paints means they may not easily wash out of clothing.  Acrylic paint is a type of fast-drying paint that forms a plastic-like film as it dries.  


Once acrylic paint dries on fabric, it can be challenging to remove because it forms a strong bond with the fibers. We recommend not wearing your best clothing and you are more than welcome to bring and wear protective gear during our events to prevent any accidental stains. I have seen some people wear some fab and funky aprons.

Where can I get paint from so I can paint along with you at home?


This is a set of 6 colours (you only need 5 of them) but it’s cheaper than buying the colours individually. 


This set includes the pink that I prefer to use, but see below for an option to buy red separately.

Full set:


Red (select Cadmium Red Hue):


What brushes should I buy to follow along at home?


Let’s keep it simple! I use the same three brushes for every Paint Along…


◼️Flat top brush

⚫️Round top brush

〰️Super tiny brush


You only need the 3/4 inch flat top, and the number 3 & 8, you will see the numbers on the handles. It’s more expensive to buy these individually, so the spare brushes are a bonus!)

Buy here:

What canvasses do you use?


I always use A3 canvases! Linked below are pads of 10.

Buy here:

Family Paint Alongs
What is the recommended age?

We absolutely love having painters of all ages join our events! 🎉✨ While we generally recommend a minimum age of 5+, we've had some little ones who even younger at our events who have an amazing time with us! 🌈🎨


Can we all sit together?

Each venue has its own unique setup. Founders & Co, Wind Street work on a first come first served basis, they have long rectangular tables where everyone sits together. To make sure you and your crew have the best seats, we recommend arriving a little earlier and reserving your spots. That way, you can secure seats together if you've got a big group joining in on the fun!


Can I bring a birthday party?

Absolutely! We're all about creating a fantastic painting experience for the whole family! 🎨✨ While everyone is welcome, we do recommend a general guideline: for every two little artists, we would like to have at least one adult joining in on the painting. Remember, it’s fun art not fine art! 🌟👩‍👧‍👦


Now, if you're looking for something extra special and want to host your very own Private Paint Along Party, we've got you covered! We can bring the Paint Along to your venue of your choice, including Founders & Co!


Scroll down for more info on booking a Private Paint Along or drop us a message and we'll provide you with all the details and information you need to make your Private Paint Along Party happen! 💌✨ Get in touch, and let's start planning!


Do I need to purchase a ticket if I am not painting?

Yes, due to the capacity of our venues, only people with tickets are able to be seated.


Our events are designed to be super engaging and require minimal supervision, even for the little ones! 🎨👧👦 We've created the experience so that everyone can dive into their masterpieces and unleash their artistic talents. Remember; it’s fun art, not fine art!


Grown Up Paint Alongs
Can I get a refund as I can no longer attend/ can I transfer to another date?

We totally understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected surprises our way, but unfortunately we are unable to offer transfers or refunds for tickets.


However, If you find someone to come in your place, just give us a little heads-up! Let us know the names of who will be attending, and we'll update the tickets accordingly! 🎟️💫

I have someone aged 16 or under who would like to attend a Grown Up Paint Along, is this allowed?

Our Grown Up Paint Alongs are held in fully licensed bars and venues! Grown up Paint Alongs are aimed at ages 18+

We want to make sure you're aware that these events are specifically crafted with grown-ups in mind!


I have booked for a group of us to come. The event is now sold out. Can you add one more?

We try our best to make sure nobody misses out on the fun! Whether it's rearranging a few seats or finding that extra spot at the painting table, we'll do our best to accommodate and make room for one more! 🎉✨


If you pop us a message, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if we can squeeze one more in!


Private Paint Alongs
What private Paint Alongs do you do?

At The Paint Along Lady, we offer a range of exciting private paint-along options:


🎨 Corporate Team Building / Away Days:

Looking to strengthen bonds and boost creativity within your team? Our private paint-along sessions are the perfect choice! We create a fun and relaxed atmosphere where colleagues can unleash their inner artists while building meaningful connections. It's a fantastic way to inspire teamwork and unleash those hidden artistic talents!


🎉 Private Paint Along Parties:

Birthdays, hen dos, or family gatherings - whatever the occasion, our private paint-along parties are a hit! 🎂🎉 With lively music, laughter, and a splash of colour, we'll turn any celebration into an artistic extravaganza!

Our paint-along sessions are 2 hours. We allocate 1.5 hours either side for setup and cleanup 

The cost is £24 per person for a minimum group size of 30 people. For groups over 45 people, the price is reduced to £22 per person!(Prices inclusive of vat) 


We always use a sound system and our AV equipment to ensure everyone can hear clearly, for a small cost of £25. For a large group, we highly recommend using our large screen, live stream, and camcorder setup, which we can arrange for at an additional cost of  £50 🎥💫 


Now, let's talk venues! 

We cover any SA postcode, and are willing to travel 45 minutes from SA2, with a 45p per mile charge. For bookings outside of the SA postcode, just reach out to us, and we will check the details together! 🌟🎉 


Our go-to spot is the fabulous and family-friendly Founders & Co on Wind Street in Swansea. For grown up events The Grand Hotel, Morgans Hotel or The Perch are great options. 

If you have a specific venue in mind, we're more than happy to bring the paint-along experience to any location you choose as long as it is suitable and has enough space for your group. We have hosted Paint Alongs everywhere from charming Village Halls and Community Rooms to trendy office spaces, conference centres and arenas.  


Once we have settled on a date, we will send you a confirmation booking form, and an invoice will be sent your way, and once we receive a 50% non-refundable deposit, consider your event officially booked!  


To make your experience extra special, to capture those incredible memories, I create a video of the entire experience just for you.


Lastly, we just need to know which painting you'd like, and we'll add it to your booking. It is as easy as that! 🎉✨You can choose any painting  from our gallery! 🌈💖 Just hop over to and pick the one you would like your group to paint. 

School Paint Alongs


Do you do Paint Alongs at schools and colleges?

Calling all teachers and young artists! Our school visits are designed to bring joy and creativity into the classroom. 🖌️📚 With engaging paint-along sessions, we spark imaginations, nurture artistic skills, and create a world of vibrant masterpieces. It's a wonderful opportunity for students to explore their creativity and express themselves in a fun and educational setting.

The prices are the same as the corporate and private parties above, and the minimum group size applies. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss further.
How about Primary schools, will you come to the school?

Yes, definitely! We cover the same areas as our Private Paint Alongs. Rates vary for these, so please get in touch, for special offers just for Primary Schools!!

We have a special dedicated gallery of painting to choose from and can even do two separate Paint Along Sessions on the same day, one before and one after lunch. Link your Paint Along to your class topic and each child gets to take home a masterpiece!

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