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About me

My name is Claire Timbrell, I’m a thirty something living in the Gower, South Wales with my son, who is my world and Lucy, the whippet.


I have never formally studied art. In fact, I failed my art A Level.


However, I have been painting since I can remember. My Great Grandad Sid taught me and we would paint Kingfishers together during my Summer visits to Sussex. Never-the-less, only recently has painting become my career.

After finishing my very non-art related degree, I found myself in a very non-art related role, travelling the country and trying to climb the corporate ladder, having some success during my twenties. Ten years on and I’ve run several non-art related businesses of my own, moved a further six times and finally settled in the Gower. 


Through out all of these years, my passion always remained art. I’ve exhibited in several galleries, hosted a sell out solo exhibition and become a featured artist for the SAA, the worlds largest art community. However, once becoming a full time artist, I realised that I was beginning to miss people, spending days in the studio alone. It wasn’t quite what I had imagined.


My lightbulb moment came one day when I was painting a large mural on a town centre high street. A little girl approached me and was interested to know how I painted my daisies. I was pleased to be talking to someone. I showed the little girl a trick I used to create petals, we then went on to talk about highlighting seed pods and the basics of perspective.


The next day the little girl came back to show me a painting of daisies that she had done that evening after we spoke, I was so touched. It suddenly dawned on me, that the pleasure I get out of painting, is exactly what I wanted to share with other people. That’s my real passion. 

I truly believe the process of creating a painting is one of the most relaxing and rewarding past times and I think it should be accessible to everyone, all ages and abilities.

With my new sense of drive and direction, I became the Paint Along Lady. Offering paint nights in bars, painting parties at home, school visits, corporate paint-alongs and now online tutorials, it’s been a whirlwind. Now more than ever, I believe everyone can (and should) discover the joy of painting.


It’s all about fun art, not fine art and I hope you'll join me.

Claire x 

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