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Your Paint Along Gift Voucher

Congratulations on your Paint Along gift voucher. If the person who gave you your gift has chosen a painting for you, you will see which painting they have chosen on you gift voucher, which will also include a link directly to your paint along. If they have opted to let you choose which painting you would like to do, you will see your options below. Please follow the instructions below.

Gift Voucher Paint Alongs

Once you have chosen which painting you would like to do, contact us and we will send your Paint Along directly to you as a personal one-time link that will be available to your for one month.

Email: 07946 301 919 Email: 

What you will need

Acrylic paint - Blue, Yellow, White, Black & Red (although Primary Magenta is sometimes preferred to red as a more vibrant colour)

11” x 14" Canvas (Or similar)

1 flat top brush

1 round top brush

1 small detail brush

Pot of water for rinsing brush

Paper plate for mixing paint

Paper towels

Hair dryer

Please let me know if you have any questions at all regarding your gift voucher. I hope you enjoy your Paint Along and please do share your painting with me on social media, I love to see them!

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